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PS4 Jailbreak: Official tools and news for PS4 Jailbreak, latest 2017 updates directly from the PS4 hacking scene. You just got yourself a new PS4, and are looking for a PS4 Jailbreak / PS4 Custom Firmware solution? Then bookmark this page, as it will be kept up to date with the latest, greatest, and simplest solutions available for Playstation 4 CFW.

PS4 Jailbreak – the current status

A note on game backups/piracy: people have found ways to pirate games on the PS4 with Raspberry pi (a technique known as the Brazilian Jailbreak) in 2014. See below for details. It is unclear if this technique still works on latest firmwares.

In March 2017, a PS4 Webkit exploit was released for Firmwares up to 4.07. Although not a full jailbreak, this is the most recent known public exploit since a Webkit exploit released on firmware 3.55 in August 2016. Qwertyoruiop, the hacker behind the webkit exploit, and a famed iOS hacker, stated he has a PS4 4.50 Jailbreak. This has not been released yet.

In October 2016, a PS4 4.01 Jailbreak was demonstrated at the GeekPwn 2016 convention. This PS4 Jailbreak was later confirmed to work up to firmware 4.05 included. However, none of the groups in possession of the exploit have committed to releasing it so far. In December 2016, Fail0verflow demonstrated Linux running on PS4 Firmware 4.05.

It is currently possible to Jailbreak your PS4 if you are on firmware 1.76 or below. The full files to Jailbreak the PS4 and/or run Linux have been released here. We have an article to help you find a 1.76 PS4 to buy. The dlclose exploit lets you run Linux on your PS4, or run your own PS4 native code.

For people running on a firmware higher than 1.76, it is generally recommended that you stay on as low a firmware as possible, as new hacks will eventually surface. Your current best bet however is to get a 1.76 PS4.

PS4 Jailbreak – Linux on the PS4

In December 2015, Fail0verflow showed at the CCC hacking convention that they have Linux running on the PS4. They later on released all the required source code to run Linux on PS4, but not the required PS4 Jailbreak. Hacks have now been released for some models of PS4 to run Linux. Fail0verflow demonstrated Linux running on PS4 again, on Firmware 4.0x at the end of 2016.

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